Green Production


At CCP, we believe that waste reduction always pays ("WRAP"). Our efforts to be more environmentally conscious make us more financially conscious as well. Business-savvy solutions that encourage efficiency, reuse and recycling can also reduce spending. One of our greatest "green" solutions has been the tracking of all production spending with a precise system that helps us identify and eliminate waste.

Examples of CCP's regular environmental- and cost-saving practices include reducing fuel emissions - and fuel costs - by enforcing a strict non-idling policy for all production vehicles; increased efforts to obtain accurate headcounts before placing catering and craft service orders to eliminate wasted food and wasteful spending; and promoting on-set use of refillable, reusable water bottles - significantly reducing the amount of plastic refuse produced and significantly reducing the cost of providing water on set.

These are just some of the routine practices that we implement on every set, and just the beginning of what can be done to eliminate waste and increase efficiency on your shoot. The needs of every production are different, and CCP would be happy to work with you to assess the opportunities that exist to implement cost- and waste-reduction strategies on your shoot.

Partnerships in Sustainability

Canal Creatures' commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond the set and into our local communities. CCP values participation and collaboration with other industry and local organizations that are working to promote environmentally responsible practices.

Our engagement with these groups allows us to extend the benefits of the sustainability work we do on set, allowing us to further reduce waste, improve local communities, and disseminate our knowledge regarding implementation of sustainable practices that work. This engagement also brings us into contact with other experts in the sustainability field, allowing us to bring new knowledge and cutting-edge practices back to set. It also gives us the opportunity to spend time with really cool people!

CCP is proud to partner with the following organizations to advance sustainable film and television practices:

PGA Green

Steven serves as co-chair of the PGA Green Outreach Committee, East. The mission of PGA Green is to serve as an "informational clearinghouse" for everything you need to green your production. Steven works with fellow committee members Mari Jo Winkler, Lydia Dean Pilcher, and Katie Carpenter to give both PGA members and non-members easy access to useful eco-practice tips and to establish beneficial connections among people and organizations committed to sustainable industry practices.

PGA Green's "Green Production Guide" mobile app – which features a green vendor search engine and a carbon calculator to help track your production's carbon footprint – is now available on iTunes and Google Play. An additional extensive list of Best Practices addressing the work of multiple film production departments and compiled from resources both from within the guild and shared by NBC Universal and the MPAA is available through

Film Biz Recycling

CCP considers Film Biz Recycling (FBR) to be its of our primary partners in transforming what's possible for New York City's film industry. FBR currently work with 30-40% of all NYC productions, preventing the dumping of used props and set decoration into landfills. Film Biz also helps both union and non-union crews develop new techniques for avoiding wasteful practices on set. FBR also serves as a community center devoted to encouraging dialogue about sustainable practices and fostering connections between those working to make a difference in their communities.

CCP has a satellite office inside the Film Biz workshop, and works with FBR to teach green techniques to eager audiences on a regular basis. CCP and FBR regularly host "Eco Manager Mondays" at the FBR workshop. This group gathers to discuss sustainability industry practices and to help define the responsibilities of and promote the role of the relatively new position of Eco Steward. The Eco Manager program has facilitated wonderful connections – participants have included Earth Angel Catering's founder Emellie O'Brien (Noah, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), and professional Eco Stewards such as Tiffani Gray (Men In Black 3) and Matt Rusk (The Hangover Part III).

Made in NY

For the last 5 teaching cycles of Made in NY's production assistant training program, Steven has either addressed the class himself or sent an Eco Manager to educate students on sustainable practices and inspire a new generation of Eco Managers. These classes also tour Film Biz Recycling, where Steven will pop in for a chat about "greening as you go." This is often paired with a rousing, inspiring speech by FBR's Eva Radke, opening the PAs eyes to their potential to make a difference.

CCP believes that training production assistants in the art of eco-management is one of the most enduring ways to make our industry more sustainable. PAs are first-in and last-out on the shoot day, and are involved with every department on set. As they advance in their careers, PA's trained in sustainability put green ideas into practice and offer "next-generation" solutions. This is the real, lasting payoff of CCP's time investment.